Sunday, 17 December 2017

Attract a Woman of Your Dreams Who Is Playing Hard to Get You

Attract a Woman of Your Dreams Who Is Playing Hard to Get You have heard these stories before or even found yourself in the same scenario. You come across a beautiful lady and you are dazed. It is love at first sight. You approach the lady and she is responsive. She talks to you, flirts with you and you are able to get her telephone number and she even takes your calls. But, anything beyond that looks impossible to understand. She does not accept all your prepositions beyond talking to you. Whatever you do beyond calling her or texting her does not work. She refuses to come with you on dates. She refuses to meet with you in person. This is the point you have to take matters into your hands. You have to force her hand using metaphysical powers. Yes you have to use powers beyond her comprehension, so that the hunter becomes the hunted. This is very possible and it is what we do in Africa over and over again. You can move the whole length and breadth of sub Saharan Africa and you will be amazed what goes on here. You will find rich and poor men alike, having more than one wife. In fact some men have three wives at a minimum. Yes poor men, however silly it looks, women some of them of better means than the men all yearning to for their love. Is this really normal for a wealthier woman madly in love with a man of meagre resources? It is only in Africa! One interesting story appeared in one news paper in South Africa. It was about a man who is a hunter. Forget trophy hunters, this man hunts animals for meat. He has a family of two wives and three girl friends. His picture was there in the paper and without a doubt he is man of very meagre means. What do these women see in this man? There is nothing they see in him. All this man did is to lure these women using traditional African ways and the women are madly in love with him. None of them even thinks of leaving him for someone else. This is the power of this medicine. There is something that African men know that most societies do not know. This is forcing women into love using African traditional medicine. This medicine has all kinds of names depending on the society you come across and the language spoken. But, without a doubt each African tribe has this medicine. What the man does is to spot a woman of his dreams. He then goes to his traditional healer for help and system is put into place to get this woman. In some societies it involves getting this woman eat this medicine. In other societies it is sending spiritual powers to her that completely confuses the way she sees this man. She starts having ideas about the suitor unbeknownst to herself. Every time she puts her head down it is the thought of this man that come into her dreams. She falls in love, she gets dazed and it is as though she is on love drugs. She can hardly spend a day without the thought of this man. She finds herself running after this man begging for his love. This is reversing the roles. Instead of the man wasting a lot of time hunting down this woman, he reversed the process and he became the hunted. All he has to do is to relent and the game is done. He falls in love and that is it. He has achieved what would have taken him ages, with even some chances of failure. These African love portions and spirits are not geographically bound. Any person can use them from anywhere. All you have to do is to acquire them and all is done. You will be able to get any woman or man of your dreams with very little effort. You will become the hunted as opposed to you hunting down the person of your dreams. Many people who have sought out help get it. Your search has come to an end if you truly need a change in your love life. Do you really need the lost lover back? Are you sure? By appointment to Jafar Contact: +256 How to Stop a Break Up Rejection and Divorce From Your Man I will not waste any of your time dwelling on the pain that you are feeling. I know it so well and I see it many a woman's eyes everyday. I can see the fear gripping you. The thought that the love of your life is moving out and moving on and most unfortunately into the arms of another woman is mind numbing. The thought of a break up, rejection and divorce is unbearable and unthinkable. But, it happens to every one, queens and paupers alike. It is not about you, it is about nature. We leave in a jungle, the unthinkable happens. The man of your dreams moves out on you, without caring how much you had invested in him emotionally. He does not care in the least as to what happens to you. What he would love most is to see you dying, lonely and without a new lover on your side. I want you to know one thing it is not at all about you. It is not about the man who is walking out on you. It is in human nature. Men and all human beings are born with animal tendencies. The more they break a person's heart, the more they feel at home. Sadly that is the way it is. Knowing how to avoid this happening to you is the only way you will stop it before the inevitable. The very first thing you have to avoid is showing your man or your ex that you are dying to stay with him. Common sense would suggest that you should show your man that you love him to pieces. This does not draw him closer to you, it does the complete opposite. You should always show your man that you can exist without him. This is reverse psychology as I may call it and it works wonders. It keeps your man in check, knowing that you can easily move on without him with total ease. The more you show desperation the more you push your man to move on. That is a fact. I beg you from the bottom of my heart that do not at all try to beg your man. Do not ask him to come back to you. It is not going to happen, if you make this cardinal mistake you have killed the chance of him coming back to you. The moment your man shows any signs of moving on simply ignore him. Yes, ignore him and go on with your life as though nothing is happening. This makes your man have second thoughts. Try as much as possible to keep away from him and avoid him at all costs. Do not come back from your errands early. Do not call him. Do not do anything that shows that you are still in love. Get friends to hang around with. Do not show any signs of pain. Sleep out if need be. He will spy on you and have second thoughts of moving on. All this advice is easier said than done. I know that what I am telling you is logical whereas love relations are born out of emotions. That is true but doing the opposite of what I am telling you will only quicken the process of break ups and divorces. What I will assure you, a man is not wired to fill your pain. No! The more they make you feel the pain the more manly they feel. What else do you need to do? Get a powerful traditional healer or psychic on your side and force matters. Yes as you pretend not to care, force matters behind the scenes through the work of your traditional healer. You will be surprised to see tables being turned, when the man who was aloof starts hunting you down. You will be surprised when the man starts begging you to come back into your life. You will be surprised when this man apologies. You will be surprised when this man becomes more jealousy than what you have ever seen before. Remember, force matters by getting a powerful traditional healer or psychic on your side. Use reverse psychology to avoid break ups, rejections and divorce. Never show total love to your man. When you do that you are simply attracting pain. Show that you can go on with your life without him but behind the scenes work with a powerful traditional healer to fix things for you. Many people who have sought out help get it. Your search has come to an end if you truly need a change in your love life. Do you want to stop your lover moving on? Are you sure? By appointment to Jafa Contact: +256 783254601 or use What's up or viber or use What's up or viber

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