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how_to_get_a_man_without_looking_desperate_and_when_all_other_women_are_strugglingHow to Get a Man Without Looking Desperate and
When All Other Women Are Struggling

It is very possible to get a man quickly, when
all other women around you are struggling. You just have to have a plan, a
proper vision, supported by the right actions. Go to the right places, be frank
to friends, mind your wardrobe, be pleasant, converse with men easily, avoid
sex on the first date and most importantly force the hand of the man your are

Hit the damn gym and all other places where men
Getting a man is just like all other activities,
those who put the greatest effort succeed more than the rest. You have to be
actively involved in looking for man in order to get one. Yes, you have to put
it in your agenda to actively look for a man without looking desperate. Go to
places men frequent. The gym is one of them, the church, shopping centres and
social places. You will never find a man at your home. If you are busy being
miserable in your home, wondering how Mr Right will find you, he will not. You
are at a wrong place. Your home is the wrong place to find Mr Right. But you
must remember one thing; the type of man you get will heavily depend on the
place you hung out. A lousy place will yield lousy men. That is a fact.

Ask your friends for help

Your friends will never help if they do not know
your problem. They will only lend you a hand if you ask them to introduce you
to the right men. They are women also, so they know the ills of leaving without
a partner, especially growing old without one, so they are in position to lend
an honest hand. Try to let them know exactly what you are looking for and why.
Are you looking for along time relationship or a short fling, whatever it may
be spell it out clearly to your friends. They should know exactly what to get
for you.

Tweak your wardrobe

Please be smart, attractive without looking
threatening. If you are a professional lady, please loosen up. Men will never
try to flirt with you if you look formal most of the time. Leave office suits
for official functions. Men will fear, and contacting you will not to happen if
you look official all the time. You must look approachable.

Smile and be pleasant

You will always find women who at the back of
their minds are looking for a partner but their out look says the complete
opposite. They are angry and not pleasant to be around. Which man in his normal
senses will want to be around an angry person? I do not think you will find
many. So, please be pleasant, smile.

Make conversations with men

If a man strikes up a conversation, do not look
at them as though they are from outer space. If you look at them with
sophistication it will take you a life time to get a partner. One lady was
looking for a partner and in her internet advert she said she was looking for
an academic for intelligent discussions. She also said that she was busy
finishing up her PHD.

For heaven sake she was narrowing her choices to
a very small number of people. Many men are not stupid, but to say that you are
looking for a person to discuss nano-physics with will limit your chances.

Don't be an early-slay casualty

Sex on the first date is a no-no. If you get laid
on the first date it means that you are a person of loose morrows or it may be
construed to mean that. It is rare that you will keep that relationship. If a
man goes away because he did not lay you on the first meeting, it simply means
that he was still going to do the same if he succeeded. Good riddance let him

Use a traditional healer to force his hand

This is what most of you do not think about. But
it can be of help. If you see a man that you want to attract, it is very
helpful to force the hand of this man using metaphysical powers. These
metaphysical powers will do wonders for you. Get the right psychic or
traditional healer for help.

Many people who have sought out help get it. Your
search has come to an end if you trully need a change in your love life. Are
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